The Writer's Room

Talk Film Society features a team of writers, dedicated to covering new releases, featured columns, and classics with their distinct points of view.   



Marcelo J. Pico

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Marcelo currently resides in Austin, TX, just living life and getting by. When he's not podcasting or running a social network film society, you can find him at the movies, courtesy of MoviePass. Two cats helped him write this bio.

Matt Curione


Matt is a lifelong cinephile from New Jersey, and has written about film for several years. He's the co-host of Hey Watcha Watchin?, the weekly movie journal podcast on the Talk Film Society Network. He currently resides in a cave on the Jersey Shore that he constructed out of Criterion releases.


Sara Sorrentino

Managing Editor

Sara is one of numerous Sara(h)s in existence. Sara likes superhero adaptations, making podcasts, and arguing. She is a New Jersey escapee, turned Florida escapee, now finding herself in Austin, Texas.


Sam Van Haren

Associate Editor

Sam is your average disabled, half-Indian film nerd. His primary obsessions include Steven Spielberg, sci-fi, musicals, and Adventure Time. He spends a possibly unhealthy amount of time listening to movie soundtracks. Sam lives in Wisconsin but he’s not super thrilled about it. Culver’s makes it tolerable.

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David Hart

Assistant Editor

David is a film fan, graduate student, and ex podcast host of Pop Culture Case Study.  He loves Guillermo del Toro, horror, and spending way too much time and money on vinyl and movie posters.  He lives in California and will probably never leave, because it’s pretty much perfect (or because he’s stubborn).



Aaron Hendrix

Aaron is currently studying film at college in Washington, D.C. He is partial to anything Spider-man, Stanley Kubrick, horror, or black & white. His latest obsession is steadily building his criterion collection.


Alejandra Gonzalez

When she’s not sacrificing virgins for blood rituals, Alejandra writes about queer vampires and tortures herself by watching direct to video sequels for Seequels. She’s been featured in Grim Magazine, Dread Central, and Daily Grindhouse, if you’re just itching for more of her musings. Win her heart by mentioning anything horror, Lord of the Rings, or Fleetwood Mac, and she’ll be yours forever.


Callie Smith

Callie has been a movie fan and a giant nerd ever since childhood. She currently lives in Alabama after growing up around Washington, DC. When she’s not writing or podcasting about movies, she’s probably watching them and/or working on a new cosplay. Callie will gladly talk about horror, queer movies, or Jonathan Demme at the drop of a hat.

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Diego Crespo

Diego Crespo hails from greater Los Angeles. A student of journalism, film and cooking programs. The best movie ever made is probably ALIEN and there are at least three good sequels to it, regardless of what nerds say. All movies are worth loving unless, in some capacity, they're like pro-racism or something stupid.


Harrison Brockwell

Harrison sprung fully formed from the disc tray of a PlayStation 2 in a Washington D.C. suburb, but currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he has committed himself to the gauntlet of suffering known as graduate school. While he is not slogging through coursework, he can often be found screaming about Time Bandits, David Lynch, and how bad Red Dead Redemption actually is.


Manish Mathur

Manish lives in Queens, NY and currently hosts It Pod to Be You for the Talk Film Society network. Manish loves Alfred Hitchcock, Pedro Almodóvar, and of course Bollywood. He also loves to subtweet about dumb stuff.


Marcus Irving

Marcus Irving is a former movie theatre employee and student at Iowa Central Community College majoring in Journalism. In his spare time it's a pretty safe bet that he's watching horror movies or playing video games. His favorite movie is Chasing Amy. If you don't like that you can pretend he had a cooler answer.


Nick Issac

Nick is a former co-host of the After Saturday Night podcast. He resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and two dogs, where they have developed a system based around dice and Post-It Notes to avoid fights about picking the next movie on Netflix.


Rockie Juarez

A 37 year old who is Benjamin Buttoning his way into the grave. Video Store Clerk at Vulcan Video in Austin, TX for damn near a decade. Dad who love/hates the entire world. Always kidding.


Kayleigh Hearn

Kayleigh Hearn lives in Virginia and is an avid fan of film, comics, and all things kitschy, weird, and esoteric. Roger Ebert won the Pulitzer for his Beyond The Valley of The Dolls screenplay, and no one can tell her otherwise. She is also an editor and writer at the Eisner-nominated

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Rachael Hauschild

Rachael resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia. When not working with animals, she can be found traveling or spending her life savings on Criterions and collector's edition horror movies. In her minimal free time, she's most likely watching all genres of movies... especially if Michael Shannon is in it.


Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is originally from Southern California but she's now settled in Austin, TX. She's seen over 5,300 movies in her lifetime. She resides with her husband, their kiddo, and three cats. Her favorite films are Deep RedLe Samourai, and Miller's Crossing.

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Mark Watlington

When not writing for TFS (which is most of the time), Mark is teaching math to his students in Chattanooga, TN. Or he's talking about the best films of his lifetime on the Best Pictures Podcast. Or he's working to make the Chattanooga Film Festival the best gathering of film lovers in the southeast


Zach Kindron

Zach is lifelong film lover from Buffalo, NY. He enjoys writing about movies and he co-hosts a podcast called The Silver Screen Breakdown. He has an affinity for horror, science fiction, and animation and wishes every movie had a giant monster in it. You can almost always find him on the internet yelling about movies.

William Mai

William is a cinema geek to the grave, hopelessly obsessed and in love with the moving image. He can usually be found immersed in the light of a movie screen, desperately trying to ignore the old couple loudly proclaiming their confusion. Big fan of John Carpenter, baby-back ribs, and Justin Timberlake.


Anna Stoutenburg

Anna hails from the generally frigid state of Michigan. When she's not attempting to lower the amount of starred movies in her FilmStruck list, she can usually be found reading something pretentious like philosophy or leftist theory. Currently she is in undergrad and hopes to attend graduate school studying cultural history and film. 


Joey Aucoin

Joey has been living in Southern California his entire life, never wanting to stray too far from Los Angeles. He's been a working screenwriter for over fifteen years, carving out a niche in the "unproduced scripts that will permanently live in development hell" genre. His passion for film began with a way-too-young visit to the movie theatre to see Romancing the Stone. From that point on, he's been chasing stories that delight, thrill, and push the imagination to new heights. 


Ben Lane

Ben is a film connoisseur living in Ohio, surrounded by walls of blu-rays and Penguin paperbacks. A firm believer in the notion that life wouldn’t be the same without movies... or cats.


Greg Mucci

Greg is a fellow Talk Film Society contributor with his column, Best of the Best and has written for Crooked Marquee, Set the Tape, Nightmarish Conjuring and a Nightmare on Film Street. His exposure to The Shining at an early age has crafted a lifelong fear of showers, and when he isn't writing can be found baking bread in Rhode Island.