14 Great Christmas Gifts for the Cinephile on Your List

14 Great Christmas Gifts for the Cinephile on Your List

*written by Nick Isaac with editorial input from Rob Trench, Marcelo Pico, and Matt Curione*

With Christmas being only a few weeks away, we here at Talk Film Society wanted to give our recommendations for some of the year's hottest and coolest gift ideas. Without further ado, here are 14 of our top gift picks that will certainly brighten the spirits of that cinematically-minded person in your life:

A Mondo Poster

Mondo, an art and collectable division of the Alamo Drafthouse, are one of the preeminent distributors of fan memorabilia and their artwork division is held in special esteem amongst cinephiles. A holy grail of movie collectors, a Mondo poster is a centerpiece to any collection. What poster should you get your cinephille? Mondo always has a mix of blockbusters, arthouse and genre films in their current selection, so find the one that bests suits their taste and you’ll be their number one aunt/uncle/significant other ever.

Browse Mondo's poster store here.

1/6th Scale Alfred Hitchcock

Mondo doesn’t just feature posters, they have various collectibles, toys and clothing options in their unique style. Our favorite current offering is this scale model of Alfred Hitchcock, featuring props inspired by some of his greatest hits, and a directors chair to allow him to oversee the production that is your life.

Available from Mondo here. 

Cinebody C6 for iPhone

If your cinephile has been making allusions to making their own movie lately, show your support for them with this smartphone attachment from Cinebody, that adds advanced lenses, enhanced camera functionality and an easy grip body for stability and control. Sleek, smart, and professional-looking enough to inspire your film lover to get even more enthusiastic about their passion.

Available from Cinebody here.

Movie Pin Set

These pins from Etsy store Fairgoods are silver plated and feature an old-style admission ticket, a pair of 3-D glasses, and a popcorn bag. Perfect for the lanyard on your festival going nerd, or to add a little flair to their life that says ‘Yes, I have excellent taste in film’.

Available from Fairgoods here.

LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-2

Nostalgia is played out - but LEGO nostalgia? LEGO nostalgia is the best! This delightful set from this summer's hotly discussed blockbuster features the redesigned classic car and minifigs of all of the core cast members, including Kate McKinnon’s Holtzman and her iconic hairstyle.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Q-Fig

One of the breakout stars of this past summer, this special edition figure combines actress Margot Robbie's stylish take on Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, with a manic cartoonish form. A perfect gift for the comic book geek who always stays through the credits for every movie to catch that extra little scene.

Available from QMx here.

Roger Ebert : The Great Movies IV

The final collection of essays by the late great Roger Ebert, The Great Movies IV is an excellent resource of the renowned critic musing on a pantheon of essential cinema. With a foreword by Matt Zoller Seitz, current editor of RogerEbert.com, and an introduction from Ebert’s wife and partner Chaz Ebert, this edition is a great supplement to a series on classic movie viewing.

1001 Movies To See Before You Die

This exhaustive catalogue of classic, Hollywood, independent, and world cinema is an excellent jumping off point for building watch lists and finding perspective on the history of film. For budding cinephiles wishing to expand their knowledge about what major titles they need to track down, as well as the older crowd looking to take a trip down memory lane through decades of cinematic history and past experiences.

BB-8 USB Car Charger

The most beloved character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens can now travel with you and help charge your handheld device along the way! Featuring two charging ports and a surrounding case that makes it easy to place into a cup-holder, this is one cute, helpful gift that's most certainly BB-Great!


Retro Style Popcorn Maker

Perfect for movie nights at home when you want to pretend you're at the cinema, this popcorn maker from Pop Pup resembles the style of popcorn machines from the past. Providing one-gallon of popcorn per batch, and coming with a pull-out tray, and a warming light, it's the perfect solution for those who are getting sick of making their preferred movie snack from the microwave.

iRulu BL20 Video Projector

Smaller than a TV and ready to set up in no time at all, this video projector gives HD quality picture for less than $200. Ideal for indoor use (sorry guys, no outdoor movie screenings), its a fantastic way to recreate the theatrical experience without stepping foot outside.

The Secret World of Twin Peaks

Mark Frost pens this novel which enriches the mysteries surrounding the town titular town featured in the groundbreaking 1990s TV show he helped create alongside director David Lynch. With the highly anticipated third season of Twin Peaks set to debut on Showtime in spring 2017, it's a great way to get hyped up for the return of one of television's most strange, surreal, and entertaining series in the history of the medium.


Movie Hotel Notepads

This collection of notepads are styled after the fictional hotels featured in such films as The ShiningVertigo, and The Wicker Man - making for some excellent stationary to write your ideas on, or fool your friends into thinking you've taken an out-of-state vacation where they'll never be able to find you.

Available from Herb Lester here.

A FilmStruck Subscription

If none of the previous options on this list sound good to you, you can't go wrong with a subscription to FilmStruck; the new streaming service from Turner Classic Movies and The Criterion Collection that hosts a bevy of films from all kinds of genres, countries, and decades. Essentially the equivalent of Netflix for cinephiles (available at an equivalent price rate), and providing a host of special supplementary content, its the one gift that'll keep that movie lover of yours entertained for hours upon hours on end.

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