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Ranging from retrospectives to engaging series, the Talk Film Society Podcast Network has something for every film lover.

M. Night Frights

Manish Mathur (@TheManish89) is your guide through the genre films of M. Night Shyamalan, leading up to the release of his new film, Glass.

It’s the sequel to the podcast you didn’t know existed. Your hosts Sara (@SaraSorrentino) , Ale (@Sick__66), and Shak (@ShakExcellence) explore those direct-to-video sequels of childhood classic, horror franchises, and action movies.

Hello, romantics! Manish Mathur (@TheManish89) is your host for this podcast that is all about falling in love on the big screen, covering romantic comedies from classics to modern hits and everything in between.

With a new film by Orson Welles set to be released over 30 years after his death, now’s the perfect time to dive into the filmography of one of the greats. Your hosts, Mike (@mumbles3k) and Max (@JMaxHegel) will be watching all of Welles’ directorial efforts leading up to The Other Side of the Wind (13 films in total).

Sam Van Haren (@SamShotFirst) is your host for this podcast that will tackle the filmography of the one and only Keanu Reeves. 

In this podcast retrospective, host Brandon-Shea (@BrandonMutala) is joined by co-host Zach (@mooreonzach) to discuss the 11 films spanning 40 years in the Halloween film franchise.

We Forgive You

The podcast in which Sara (@sarasorrentino) and Alex (@tweetnandez) formally forgive your favorites' worst films, or at least try to.

Anime A-Go-Go

Matt (@TheRealMattC) and Owen (@OwenKennelly) guide you through the River Styx of Japanese animation as they watch classic Anime, episode by episode.

The Future is Anime.

Host Marcelo Pico brings you a variety of conversations each episode with film lovers, covering a multitude of topics. Recommendations, film analysis and more. 

Spielberg 33/33

Hosts Matt Curione and Marcelo Pico break down each film in the career of Hollywood's most recognizable modern filmmaker, with a number of very special guests.

Soderbergh 28/28

Hosts Marcelo Pico and Mike Schindler come together to break down all of Steven Soderbergh's 28 films, covering his 28-year career, starting from his feature film debut all the way to the present.

Hosts Sara Sorrentino and Sam Van Haren take you through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, film by film, analyzing the foundation of the biggest franchise in modern filmmaking.

The Colorado Street Podcast

The Podcast Where It Happens

Die Hard for the NFR

Hosts Rockie Juarez and Marcelo Pico live in Austin, TX and love movies. Here, they recount their film adventures from special screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse to Fantastic Fest, and everything in between. 

Paul Smith is a huge Hamilton fan. Marcelo Pico isn't. In this special podcast mini-series, Paul helps Marcelo through his first listen of this pop culture juggernaut. 

Die Hard should be in the National Film Registry. We all know this. In this special mini-series, host Marcelo Pico speaks to guests about films already in the Registry and they try to figure out why the 1988 action classic isn't already in there. 


Hosts Matt Curione and Marcelo Pico run down the films they've been watching, with guests and friends of the film world joining them for each episode