Talk Film Society - Seal of Approval: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Talk Film Society - Seal of Approval: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The Talk Film Society - Seal of Approval is awarded to those films the staff here deem worthy of your attention.Our latest Seal-worthy film is the latest film from producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller and directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Based on the 2014 comic book series, the Sony Pictures Animated film has a Spider-filled, star-studded cast, which includes Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Mahershala Ali, Lily Tomlin, John Mulaney, Nicolas Cage, Kathryn Hahn, Liev Schreiber, and Shameik Moore.

The last time Sony had their creative hands completely around a Spider-Man property they made The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Marvel Studios, in the meantime, have created their own Spider-Man continuity with Tom Holland donning the red and blue tights, so do we really need another Spider-Man or, more accurately, Spider-people?

The answer is yes, 1,000 times yes. Not only is Into the Spider-Verse one of the best animated films of the years, it’s one of the best superhero films ever, if you ask us. And here’s what else our staff has to say about the new game-changing film:   

“I am hoping [Into the Spider-Verse] inspires a new crop of animators to shake things up with their films or, better yet, gives studios the courage to try to make wild projects where animators can truly cut loose. I had a huge grin throughout, nearly cried twice and I can not wait to see it over and over again.” - Rockie Juarez, from his review of the film.

Into the Spider-Verse takes some unique leaps and bounds over even the best, most recent superhero fare with its focus on visuals, and not just aesthetic creativity and color, but visual storytelling, with three masterful directors knowing the unique virtues of comics as a medium. The snappy pace, smart editing, and hidden pathos beneath such a polished, cartoony veneer make this a superhero entry more likely to stand the test of time than many of its peers. And that’s not even getting to Nazi-hunting Nicolas Cage.” - Tyler Heberle

“Dazzling, inventive, and original, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is up there with the best superhero movies. Centering on the compelling and likable Miles Morales, the movie tells a story about identity and belonging that’s resonant and independent of its comic book trappings. With game-changing animation, a terrific voice cast, and killer soundtrack, this is a must-see movie.” - Manish Mathur

Into the Spider Verse is a mind-boggling, wonderful film that redefines both animated and superhero movies. And with a healthy sense of self-awareness that never crosses into annoyance, it’s as funny and heartwarming as it is game-changing.” - Callie Smith

“It’s hard to not sound hyperbolic when talking about Into the Spider-Verse. I’m frankly still in awe over how much of a visual feast it is while still managing to be a touching, new take on a character we’ve all known for decades. It goes to show that with as many superhero movies out there that all seem to look and feel the same, there’s one that can rise above the rest in ways we didn’t know were possible.” - Marcelo Pico

“The Spider-Verse, as a concept, is something that should be impossible in film but, with the inventive animation style and a script that makes the necessary exposition seem light and fun, this movie makes a jumble of universes and Spider-beings seems normal. With amazing performances from end to end, it makes the spider-community feel like family, too.” - Mark Watlington

Into the Spider-Verse is a once in a lifetime masterwork of animation, one that pushes the medium forward while paying homage to the comic book roots of Spider-Man as a character. Never sacrificing storytelling and character beats, Into the Spider-Verse is packed with references, ranging from nods to the ‘60s cartoon all the way up to the most recent Playstation 4 game. This is not just one of the year's best films, it stands as one of the best animated films ever made.” - Harrison Brockwell

“This film is special. The experimental, beautiful, and unique visuals pay off so well that I would have given it a perfect rating just for blowing my mind with the opening credits alone.” - Sara Sorrentino

Into the Spider-Verse is a vibrant, bright, funny and optimistic adventure story in so many ways that could've very easily gone wrong, that to see it all just *work* on screen, especially the inclusion of alternate universe Spider-persons such as Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham, together, is jaw-dropping. Equally, the mix of animation styles makes the action flow and positively jump off the screen in 3D.” - Sean Beattie

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is in theaters now.

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