Kneel Before VOD: October 3rd

Kneel Before VOD: October 3rd

Welcome to Kneel Before VOD! Here, we recommend the latest, highlight-worthy films now on video-on-demand. We'll help you navigate through the thousands of options out there, on dozens of services, to the best in streaming this month!

One Cut of the Dead  (2019) is now streaming on Shudder.

One Cut of the Dead (2019)

Finally making its U.S. debut on Shudder is the brilliant Japanese zombie comedy One Cut of the Dead. One of the most innovative films to be released this decade, it’s best to go in as blind as you can. What seems like a familiar take on tired material soon turns into something much more complex when the film takes a big turn at the end of the first act. This was made with just $25,000 and a cast of unknowns and manages to do more than most genre films with a hundred times its budget. The world may be getting tired of zombies but don't let that keep you from one of the best films to be released this year. 

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Bliss  (2019) is now streaming on Vudu.

Bliss (2019)

The third film from writer/director Joe Begos (The Mind’s Eye) is his response to the struggles of making it in this industry and overcoming the infamous “writers block”. After failing to get funding for another project and struggling with ideas, Begos decided to basically start from scratch and make a small movie with his friends. The result is an intense, pulse-pounding, blood-soaked, and visually captivating descent into madness. The film follows Dezzy (Dora Madison), a once successful painter who has fallen into a deep creative block. She turns to drugs and anything else she can to try and find her way out of it, but only falls deeper into the underbelly of Los Angeles. It was shot on 16mm with a shoestring budget and it looks incredible, so turn the lights off, crank up the sound, and give Bliss a spin. 

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Blade  (1998) is now streaming on Hulu.

Blade (1998)

Even in the age of the comic book movie, Wesley Snipes’ Blade is still one of the best superhero adaptations to ever grace the silver screen. An R-rated gore fest, this movie feels like it would never be made by the powers that be today. Sure, we have the wise-cracking, fourth wall breaking Deadpool, but when was the last time he went to a vampire blood rave and murdered an entire room of the undead? That's what I thought, and that's just the opening sequence. Come follow The Daywalker and his trusty companion Kris Kristofferson as they fight the evil forces of the night and attempt to keep Blade off the sauce. Of course by sauce I mean human blood as Blade is a half human, half vampire hellbent on destroying all blood suckers. Seriously, how have you not seen Blade yet? Go watch Blade.

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Candyman  (1992) is streaming on Netflix.

Candyman (1992)

The 90’s horror classic from writer/director Bernard Rose, based on the story by Clive Barker, and starring Tony Todd and Virginia Madesen is now easier to watch than ever. The Candyman, despite what Willy Wonka wants you to think, is an evil murderous soul who is summoned when you say his name five times into a mirror. He is summoned to the infamous housing project of Cabrini-Green when a grad student (Madsen) researching urban legends visits to see if there is any evidence of his existence. Outside of being legitimately terrifying and pulling incredible performances from both Todd and Madsen, Rose’s film also digs into the complex social politics of low income, inner city communities. Another one to turn the volume up loud for, Philip Glass’ phenomenal score is the cherry on top to this 90’s classic. 

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