Kneel Before VOD: September 18th

Kneel Before VOD: September 18th

Welcome to Kneel Before VOD! Here, we recommend the latest, highlight-worthy films now on video-on-demand. We'll help you navigate through the thousands of options out there, on dozens of services, to the best in streaming this month!

Tiger Are Not Afraid  (2019), written and directed by Issa Lopez.

Tigers Are Not Afraid (2019)

Written and directed by Issa Lopez, Tigers Are Not Afraid is easily one of the best genre releases of 2019. Telling a beautiful and devastating story about the kids who are left behind as a result of the violence from the drug war in Mexico, the movie is simultaneously a touching reflection on the very real costs of that war and a frighteningly intense fantasy horror film. The film focuses on a young girl whose mother has disappeared, so she falls in with a group of fellow orphans to try and survive as they do everything they can to keep ahead of the cartel and from getting snatched up themselves. It’s a dark, beautiful, intense, and eye opening piece of filmmaking that I urge everyone to seek out. It's a Shudder exclusive and more than worth the price of a month’s subscription. 

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Haunt  (2019) by writers Scott Beck & Bryan Woods.

Haunt (2019)

Everyone is amping up for the spooky season and the newest film from the writers of A Quiet Place, Scott Beck & Bryan Woods, is a perfect way to get yourself in the mood. Riding the modern horror trend of “haunts gone wrong” this film follows a group of partiers on halloween night as they stumble upon a once in a lifetime haunted house attraction. After signing a waiver and handing their phones over, the group finds themselves inside what appears to be a standard, kind of cheesy haunted house, until things quickly take a turn for the worse. Before long the group realizes they are locked in a fucked up series of traps built by a group of sadistic serial killers and if they want any chance of escaping they are going to have to beat them at their own game. The sets are fun, the gags are effective and unsettling, and the killers and their “masks” are legitimately creepy. It’s nothing that will change the game but Haunt is a great way to spend ninety minutes this Halloween season. 

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Undone (2019), starring Rosa Salazar.

Undone (2019)

I know I don’t typically talk about shows here, but the latest series from Amazon cannot go unmentioned. Starring Rosa Salazar, Undone is one of the most wildly original and exciting new series of the year. After surviving a horrible car accident that sends her into a coma, Alma (Salazar) finds that she has an interesting new relationship with the concept of time, one that may hold the answers she has been looking for her entire life. The less you know going in the better as the twist is full of amazing surprises. Alongside Salazar is Bob Odenkirk doing what he does best and the entire show is done with rotoscoping animation, which is the process of animating over actual film, and it is the perfect choice for the material. Fans of Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly or Natasha Lyonne’s Russian Doll will find lots to love in this Amazon original. 

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